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Everything is going to be OK


Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead


The CDC launched a preparedness marketing campaign using a zombie apocolypse.  It was highly successful and moved away from a Halloween only conversation.   I'm pretty sure if you can plan and live through a zombie apoloypse, you can live through just about any boring meeting or intense challenge coming your way.


The Stones


Jasper drives phsyical strength, energy, stamina and endurance, which are all things needed when preparing for a literal or figurative zombie apocolypse.


The Charms


Zombies are dead people brought back to life without the ability to speak or think on their own.  The only weak spot on a zombie is their brain.  Similar to life, we sometimes feel trapped and like no one is listening.  

    Stone: Jasper
    Stone Color: Multi
    Metal: Fine Silver plate with antiqued finish
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